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Badminton footwork techniques

Footwork is one of the most fundamental skills of badminton as it is a fast-paced sport that requires a quick movement of your feet to move around.

You require proper footwork technique not only to improve your game but also to avoid injury.

Understand Badminton Footwork Techniques

Here we go:

1. The Side Shuffle or Sideways Footwork

The side shuffle is a basic footwork technique that allows you to move quickly from side to side. In this process, if you want to hit the shuttle that comes on the right side of the court, you need to move your left leg towards the right leg and then the right leg moves away from the left leg sideways.

If you want to hit the shuttle that comes on the left side of the court, you need to move your right leg towards the left leg and then the left leg moves away from the right leg sideways.

It is very important for lateral movement. You have to do the shuffle step, especially when you are defending or doing the driving shots.

2. The Cross-Step

This usually you will apply when in a passive situation. That means it’s when the shuttle has passed over you and you need to move to the back courts quickly.

The cross-step is a more advanced footwork technique that involves crossing one foot in front of the other. First, you take a big step forward with one foot. Then, you quickly bring your other foot in front of the first foot, so that your feet cross over each other. Lastly, you take another big step forward with the first foot to get to the right spot to hit the shuttle.

3. The Lunge

The Lunge footwork in badminton
The Lunge Footwork

In the lunge footwork, you take a big step forward with your right foot, and then you bend your knee and lean forward so that you can reach the shuttle with your racket.

But make sure to keep your left foot behind you for balance, like a kickstand on a bike. And when you hit the shuttle, you use your wrist to give it a good whack!

The lunge is an important footwork technique for reaching shots that are hit low.

4. The Split-Step

The Split-Step footwork

The split-step is a crucial footwork technique for anticipating your opponent’s shots and moving quickly toward the direction in which the shuttle is coming from another side.

The split-step is when you jump up a little bit and land with your feet apart, like a jumping jack. You do this when your opponent is about to hit the birdie, so you can be ready to move in any direction to hit it back.

5. The Jumping Smash

To do a jumping smash, you need to have precise footwork movement and right jump timing. You start by standing a little bit away from the net, with your feet shoulder-width apart which means your feet are positioned so that the distance between them is about the same as the width of your shoulders.

When the shuttle comes towards you, you take a small step forward with your non-dominant foot (if you’re right-handed, your left foot). Then, you jump up into the air with both feet and swing your racket to hit the shuttle with much power!

Why Footwork is Important in Badminton?

  • Quick Reflexes: Footwork is essential for quick reflexes in badminton because it helps you to move quickly around the court.
  • Body Balance: Good footwork helps you to maintain balance and control over your body movements in order to change direction, and accelerate as needed during a match.
  • Reduce Injury Risk: Proper footwork technique also helps players to reduce the risk of injury and improve their stamina, since they will use less energy to move around the court.
  • Power Generation: Proper footwork help you to generate enough power behind shots such as smashing and clearing.
  • Reduce Foul Probability: If you have good footwork, you will have more accuracy in playing shots which leads to less number of fouls.
  • Less Energy Consumption: Without proper footwork, you will need to spend more body energy and as a result, you get tired quickly. It will hamper your overall game.

By mastering these 5 essential footwork techniques, you can improve your game drastically to become a better badminton player. With time and effort, your footwork will lead you to have good coordination, agility, and quick reaction time. Please ensure to practice these techniques regularly and focus on your footwork during games and drills.

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